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Fitness & Exercise Programs



Exercise reduces health risks, keeps excess weight at bay, strengthens your heart and boosts your mood. If you choose a class that you enjoy, you are more likely to do it regularly and truly experience its benefits. As with any exercise, if a certain movement or position hurts, try to modify the workout to avoid the aggravating activities. Also, anytime you are training with resistance, remember that proper technique is important in maximizing the effectiveness of the training and in preventing injury.

You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. This is particularly true if you or your family have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease or if you have ever experienced chest pain when exercising or have experiences chest pain in the past month when not engage in physical activity. Do not start any fitness program if your physician or health care provider advises against it. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time while exercising you should stop immediately.




All Association fitness instructors are certified and fully insured.


Aqua Aerobics  New Time!

Instructor: Sandy Knight                  8am Tues/Thurs                                                                  High Energy, Low Impact Fitness    Level lI

Standing in chest level water, using the powerful resistance of water, we utilize opposing muscle groups to create movement that increases heart rate, strength and stabilizing core work. Energetic music helps to keep the beat and encourages the maximum benefit allowed in water. We use gloves, noodles and aqua dumb bells to add to the enjoyment of this workout finishing up with balance and stretching.

A Balanced Life 101

Instructor: Julia Darrah            9:00am Wed/Fri                                                                           Low Impact Fitness                   Level l

If you are new to exercise, are unsure about where to begin, have a physical limitation, or are worried about your fitness in general, this class is your new “home” for a healthy addition to a balanced life. Total body exercises are specifically designed for entry level men and women and are gently introduced to build strength, gain balance, increase stamina and create confidence. You will learn how to use your own body as well as hand-held weights, bands, balls and other exercise tools for accomplishing all this and more. Chairs are used for seated and/or standing support. No experience required.


Instructor: Celeste Cregan            8:00am Wed/Fri                                                                     High Level/ Can be Modified for All Levels   Level III

This class starts with dynamic stretching and cardiovascular warmup, followed by a variety of interval training. This class can be modified to fit every level of fitness. While there is a 10-minute step aerobics portion included, that part of the class may be substituted with a  cardio machine of your choice in the weight room.


Instructor: Gina Rhine            10:45am Mon     10:30am Wed/Fri                                               Low Impact Fitness  Level I

The Egoscue Method is a series of highly effective exercises based on stretching, strength building and relaxation of the body resulting in a return to proper alignment. It is a form of postural therapy used to eliminate chronic pain and increase functional mobility.

Equipment Training & Orientation 

Instructor: Julia Darrah            12pm  Mon/Thurs                                                                        All Levels/Great Way to Learn the Equipment    Level l

Learn how to exercise correctly on strength training and cardio machines in the fitness center. You will be led safely through varying circuit routines in order to strengthen musculature and increase cardiovascular fitness.  Entry-level to experienced exercisers are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Instructor: Celeste Cregan            9:00am Tues/Thurs      1pm Wednesdays                           High Level/ Can be Modified for All Levels Level II

A completely original workout based on the theories of Miranda Esmonde-White that draws on the flowing movements of tai chi which create health and balance and the strengthening theories behind ballet which help to create long, lean flexible muscles. Eccentric training relies on the practice of active contraction of muscles occurring simultaneously to lengthen muscles and the healing principals of physiotherapy to create a pain free body.

Essentrics© Aging Backwards  

Instructor: Celeste Cregan            10:15am Tues/Thurs                                                             Instructor: Mary McCrae                10:15am Saturdays                                                               Low Level Fitness    Level I

Aging Backwards is a gentler version of Essentrics©. This class is still challenging and includes the benefits using everyday movement to build core strength, lengthen and tone muscle, increase flexibility and mobility and encourage weight loss. It is never too late to take control of your body so that aging does not get in your way!

Rhythm and Flow Drumming    New Class!


Instructor: Sandy Knight                   11:30pm Wed

All Levels/ Low Impact Fitness          Level l


Who does not want to feel like a rock star? Drumming can have a positive effect on your health and may help with stress, fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, mental illness, addiction and more. Plus, it can help to make you happy, stimulates creative expression and can boost your immune system.

Strength & Stretch

Instructor: Julia Darrah          10:30 Mondays,  8:00 & 9:00am Saturdays                            Can be Modified for All Levels  Level lI

Using assorted equipment or your own body weight, we will build strength in various muscle groups and learn good stretching techniques for the muscles we work in each session. We will do a different routine each week. Experienced beginners to advanced exercisers are welcome.

Strong and Fit

Instructor: Celeste Cregan            8:00am Tues/Thurs                                                               High Level / Can be Modified for All Levels    Level III

This class is a total body/strength workout using dumbbells, weighted bars, stability and hand-held weighted balls, and body weight. The goal is to improve overall health and well-being, including increased bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament strength. 

Vibrant Living

Instructor: Sandy Knight            10:30 Tues/Thurs                                                                  Low Impact Fitness                     Level I

If you find yourself withdrawing from everyday activities that you enjoy, are sitting most of the day or feeling stiff and unable to move freely, this class is for you. In just 45 minutes you will go through a variety of activities designed to increase balance, strength and endurance.

Ultimate Conditioning


Instructor: Julia Darrah            9:00am Tuesdays  

High Level / Experienced          Level lII


Each week you will find new and challenging ways to build and improve strength, function and flexibility using your entire body. You will use a variety of exercise tools and sometimes no equipment at all! This total-body functional training class is a complete, unique workout that will help take your fitness to the next level. this program is geared for the advanced exerciser.


Instructor: Twila Keim            8:15am Mondays                                                                          Level II

This class combines Yoga and Pilates for a total body workout. Develop your core strength and stabilization through Pilates poses and improve your flexibility, muscular strength, posture, and alignment through yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation.

Yoga-Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Instructor: Tom Beach         3:30pm Wednesdays                                                                   Can be Modified for All Levels   Level II

If you are sports-minded and would like to apply the flexibility of yoga to your game, this class will keep you moving and pliable. You’ll flow continuously through strong sequences of traditional Sun Salutations and standing postures, linking breath with movement and work to improve and strengthen balance and flexibility

Vitality Yoga


Instructor: Carol Darr, PhD      9:00am Thursdays

Can be Modified for All Levels             Level lI


This is an alignment-oriented class consisting of mindful movement through a set of sequence of yoga poses, supported by mindful breath work throughout. This is a contemplative time to create and cultivate presence, allowing the body and mind to realign and promote healing energy to flow through the body and systematically increase flexibility, build strength and improve balance.


Instructor: Adriana Ziebell            9:30am Mondays                                                                   High Level/High Energy                 Level II

A fitness program that combines Latin and International music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms and resistance training.


Instructor: Gina Rhine            9:15am Wed/Fri                                                                             High Level/High Energy          Level III

This interval class training workout starts with 30 minutes of aerobics, then 20 minutes of strength, and ends with 10 minutes stretch/cool down.

Personal Training Available


Our Association Recognized, Certified, Insured Personal Trainers:

Gina Rhine / Celeste Cregan / Julia Darrah / Dave Moilanen


Personal Training Sessions


Del Webb at Dove Mountain strives to take active living to the next level with different tiers of personal training sessions. Two new sessions, designed by one of our own personal trainers will be available starting in late spring, 2020. Each session will be coached by one of our certified trainers who has developed her/his own 6-week course and will consist of a pre-program individual assessment of each client, and appropriate cardio and strength exercises using any equipment/rooms designated for fitness use at the Saguaro Center.

One-On-One Personal Training 

If group classes are not for you and you need the motivation received from a personal trainer, this is for you. You pay as you train for these one hour, one-on-one sessions that are designed for your personal fitness needs. These are one hour, private sessions.

Shared Personal Training Sessions (2 clients)

One of the factors that is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise is support from family members and friends. A great way to establish this support and build on it is by working out together. In Shared Personal Training, you get the benefits of a trainer and a spouse or friend to support, encourage and motivate you to reach higher goals than you would on your own.     

Small Group Specialty Training (4-6 clients)

Studies show that people who work out together in small groups receive more motivation from both their peers and the trainer than in a larger group exercise setting. This is an extremely cost-effective option for receiving the benefits of the “personal” attention they would get in a small group setting. Sessions are 6 weeks in duration, with two sessions per week.

If you want to save money by sharing the cost of personal training with friends and are motivated by working out with like-minded friends, Small Group Specialty Training is for you and your friends.

Look for more information for each Small Group Specialty Training program to come in the newsletter or posted separately on the website and see if a session would be right for you.







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